Uniting hip hop

  • We unite Hip Hop within Hip Hop Unite.....





Uniting people

Uniting people in Hip Hop Unite
“united we stand, divided we fall”, unity is so important in every organization to accomplish a common goal. To create and establish success. It’s necessary to have an organized group of people to help getting that success.

It’s necessary to keep people close and to motivate them to work together as one. This can only be done by listening to each other, learning from each other and respecting each other in all aspects.


Hip Hop Unite wants to unite all dancers from different countries and cultures in order to create a big and strong federation where all dancers, coaches, clubs, organizations, members can develop to a better and more professional level.


Our vision is look, observe, listen and learn first, before leading. 
Our vision is to attract, to challenge and to unite people in Hip Hop Unite and abroad.
Our vision is uniting people and resources to improve Hip Hop Unite.
Our vision is to educate and to follow up.
Our vision is to be always open minded in order to improve the quality of Hip Hop Unite.
Our vision is we are all the same after all, so why not working together.


  • Mission

We want people to collaborate in reaching global and personal goals in Hip Hop Unite.
Together we will break the walls made by: anger, envy, misunderstanding, insecurity,  selfishness and lack of interest.
Improving the quality of all members, clubs, coaches, judges and dancers .

Creating workshop, educations, national championships, European and world championships.

Creating guidelines and using the same guidelines for all members.

Creating ethic codes and policies for all members and organizations.
Improving hip hop events by respecting other elements like DJ’s, MC’s, Graffiity.

Creating the look and feel of Hip Hop in Hip Hop Unite.

Improving every year .

Become the most respected hip hop federation for dancers around the world in a professional way.


  • Strategy

Working as a good management and leadership with good guidelines is necessary: Because everybody has different backgrounds, culture, attitudes, values and habits in different dance-styles. This can cause separation in mind, emotions and even in spirits. When these things happen, the environment and flow become ineffective and inefficient. People become distracted, uncomfortable, unhappy and will quit. That’s why leadership, guidelines and education is so important.


Being a good example, self experience before sharing with others.


Creating professional trainings, educations and workshops for dancers, instructors, coaches, judges and country members to sharpen their skills, talents and potentials. This in order to teach them how to lead themselves.

Not only leading but also following and listening to members and advisors to accomplish a same goal. Stimulating self-responsibility and individual skills development in order to create a strong respected and professional Hip Hop federation together.


Making a change together..


Creating Hip Hop Unite social networks: website, facebook, linkdnl, …


Creating monthly Hip Hop Unite newsletter




  • Our Values

People working in Hip Hop Unite have experiences as a dancer, instructor, coach, judge or organizer. Our advisors are people from the scene and our board members are still travelling around the world working within the world of world of hip hop