At Hip Hop Unite, we’re not only concerned with producing a great dance competition – We’re doing our best to bring you the most comprehensive dance workshop program. So whether you’re a new country member, complete Hip Hop beginner or seasoned veteran, we’ll have a full menu of dance workshops just for you.



For our country members we offer a selection of workshops designed to bring you up-to-date with the regulation and rules of Hip Hop Unite. These workshops are focused on coaches, officals, trainers and dancers to developing and be familiar with the regulation.



We have a variety of styles available and are able to deliver workshops and masterclasses that will suit everyone. Please contact us to discuss the creative activitiy that suits you.

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We will try to list all HHU member events on our site. As for International non-member events, we will try to list the major events.


Send us an email with the event NAME, DATE, TIME, LOCATION and any contact information for the public.


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