Our mission is to provide the Hip Hop Unite community with fair, honest, credible and professional Education program at competitive events.


Our program exist for the purpose of training, educating, evaluating and commissioning judges within Hip Hop Unite. It supports the overall functioning and foundation of the Hip Hop Unite, and operates with the driving premise of creating a quality competitive environment within Education.


The first step in the process is to carefully read through this entire manual: Rules & Regulations. After reading the information, if you meet the necessary requirements and feel that you can commit to the JCP then you apply.





Online application form for JCP

JCP Manual (To be studied before applying).




for existing judges


  • For existing certified judges and specialist judges, please find below links to application forms for our International events and other usefull information.







level 4 judges (Masters)

  • Musta Elbahi, Denmark
  • Stef Ferrest, Belgium


level 3 judges (international)


Ekaterina Rogozhina, Russia

Andreas Maintz, Germany

Svatava Kobsova, Czech Republic


level 2 jduges (national)






level 1 judges (theoretical)



Jonas Mees, Belgium

Josť Olivieira, Netherlands

Sabina Pedersen, Denmark

Lowie Deseyne, Belgium

Dirk Thomas, Netherlands

Donovan Muller, South Africa

Marzanne Le Roux, South Africa