Hello dancers, trainers, coaches, dance studios / clubs, communities and much more!!!!!

First of all we would like to welcome you to the world of HIP HOP UNITE.

“HIP HOP” is “UNITING” – coming together, sharing, respecting each other and learning from one another in order to grow and create better results.


The idea behind HIP HOP UNITE is to create a well structured organization offering hip hop workshops, education and national, european and world championships focusing on the needs of dancers, coaches and clubs.


The efforts needed to clearly define a new set of guidelines demand a lot of time and energy. The idea started in 2009 when Musta Elbahi (Denmark) and St’F Ferrest (Belgium) joined hands to establish an international hip hop organization. Both Musta and St’F have years of experience competing at and collaborating with different organizations and federations. However, FISAF appeared to be the best partner to execute the vision of HIP HOP UNITE. The professionally structured method of working within FISAF is necessary to guarantee future success. During the world championships of 2010 in The Netherlands FISAF International received the news and proposition of the need of a worldwide well-functioning and experienced hip hop federation, where dancers from the hip hop scene feel at home and are able to grow in a positive way. One year later during the world championships of 2011 in Australia approval was given to create a new “look and feel” for the hip hop within FISAF.


Musta and St’F hereby got a “go” to adapt all aspects of hip hop within FISAF and for the first time a technical committee for hip hop was founded. This committee consists of: Alex (Russia), Svetala (Czech Republic), Cleopatra (Germany), Musta (Denmark) and St’F (Belgium) and several other advisors. These people shall join forces to work out guidelines for HIP HOP UNITE always taking into account the feedback from participating countries and/or feedback from pioneers and people from the hip hop scene. The feedback is necessary to create a worldwide organization respecting as many aspects as possible.

what we offer

  • National Championships
  • International Championships

  • Open Championships
  • Full International Championship package
  • Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Education
  • Judge feed-back and follow-up of routines
  • Judge Education
  • International network
  • After parties and much more

executive committee, fisaf



Jana Havrdová , Czech Republic


Musta Elbahi, Denmark

Executive Committee Members
Stella Diblik, France

John Nel, South Africa

Tatiana Polukhina, Russia

Dubravko Turk, Serbia

Dany Deren, Switzerland

Technical committee, FISAF



Tanya Houpt, New Zealand

Vice Chair

Jana Hajkova, Czech Republic


Francien van Gent, The Netherlands

Tine Ceusters, Belgium

Carolyn Maxwell-Mahon, Switzerland

Sandy George, Australia

technical committee, hip hop


Chair Members:
Musta, Denmark

St’F, Belgium


Ekaterina Rogozhina, Russia
Svatava Kobzová, Czech Republic

Andreas WickedMindz, Germany
Minja Turk, Serbia