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  • Judges Code of Ethics

    FISAF International Judge should be fair, honest and impartial in all activities and decisions concerning every competitor participating in an event. FISAF International Judges participate in an event as an ‘Official’ of the sport and their role is to apply the rules of the sport to the best of their ability.

    A judge will:

    - understand and abide by the FISAF International Technical Regulations
    - act fairly, honestly and impartially
    - be able to apply the current FISAF International Technical Regulations
    - be able to apply for any subsequent published amendments or notifications
    - develop and maintain excellent judging skills through ongoing review of the
    Technical Regulations, recorded footage, workshops and live performance
    - serve the interests of the sport competently
    - treat athletes, coaches, judges, event organizers and other officials with respect
    - avoid any conflict of interest

  • Code of Conduct

    A judge will:

    present himself/herself in attire that is appropriate to the category they are assigned too. See suggested Dress Code below.

    judge independently and not be influenced by the opinion of other judges, the audience or outside influences.

    take written notes of every routine with the purpose of making a judging decision, justification of and providing feedback for athletes/crews.

    maintain a professional demeanor throughout the event including facial expressions, body language, and gesture

    be a role model and display "sportsmanlike" behaviour

    display respect for other judges on the judging panel and contribute to the process of determining the winner of a competition

    restrict contact with the audience, general public and competitors during the competition

    be prepared for competition by having all personal materials prepared and available

    be prepared to justify scores where required

    disclose any attempt to influence a ranking to the Head Judge

    be present and punctual for all scheduled meetings and events

  • Suggested Judges Dress Code

    Sports Aerobics and Fitness Judges

    As a sign of respect for the Athletes, Sport Aerobics and Fitness judges should maintain a professional, business-like appearance. This would include semi-formal or business wear. Company logos are not appropriate.

    Hip Hop Unite

    HHU judge should present themselves in attire that is respectful and appropriate to the Hip Hop culture.

  • Conflicts of Interest

    A Judge must be aware of the possibility of bias and therefore avoid this by disclosure of any conflict. If a conflict exists, a Judge cannot be part of the panel for that category.

    Circumstances of a conflict of interest which may compromise a Judge's position on a panel would include the following relationships:

    - An employee or employer of a competitor;
    - Relative of a competitor
    - Trainer, choreographer or coach of a competitor
    - business, personal relationship with a competitor or competition sponsor
    - An existing or former personal relationship with a competitor
    - Anyone who stands to gain from influencing the judging panel

  • Judges Position Description

    Accountable to FISAF Technical Committee and Head Judge (The FISAF Technical Committee is accountable to the FISAF Executive Committee)

    Liaises with Judging Panel

    Limit of authority Not to exceed the requirements of the FISAF International Technical Regulations

    Responsibilities Prior to the Event

    Prepare themselves in accordance with the Self Study Requirements contained in the FISAF International Technical Regulations

    Attend and participate in the Judges Briefing

    Attend all scheduled meetings on time

    Ensure they have all required stationery prepared prior to the Official Warm Up and each round of competition

    Ensure they have knowledge of the event schedule

    Ensure they have knowledge of special event requirements which may affect their duties

    Familiarize themselves with the venue, meeting rooms, etc. in order to efficiently attend meetings, rounds without any time delays

    Bring with them to the event any support documentation, information and personal stationery which is required to perform their duties as judge

    Participate in and contribute to all scheduled briefing sessions

    Responsibilities during the Event

    Application of the FISAF International Technical Regulations as specified

    Attend all debriefing meetings

    Application of the judging criteria with the utmost skill, objectivity, dedication, fairness and professionalism

    Assist the Head Judge in the efficient operation of all judging procedures

    Participate in giving feedback to the Athletes in-between rounds of competition

    Responsibilities After the Event

    Attend and participate in Judges Debriefing when applicable

    Retain notation from the competition for feedback purposes which will be done via email, through the Head Judge, up to two weeks after the Competition.

  • Head Judge Position Description

    Accountable to FISAF International Executive Committee

    Liaises with organizer and Judging Panel

    Limit of authority Not to exceed the requirements of the FISAF International Technical Regulations and FISAF International juges training manual

    Responsibilities prior the Event

    Co-ordinate and conduct Judges Briefing

    Liaise with Event Organizer regarding all meeting room requirements.

    Liaise with Event Organizer regarding specific event requirements which will affect the judging panel

    Provide leadership for Judges Panel

    Act as spokesperson for Judges Panel

    Participate in all meetings as required by Event Organizer

    Co-ordinate and supervise the Judging Panel at the Official Warm Up

    Provide feedback, where necessary, to competitors following the Official Warm Up

    Liaise with Event Organizer regarding requirements for Judging Area, resources and judges materials

    Liaise with Event Organizer regarding the event schedule

    Ensure the suitability of the Judging Area and that adequate resources are provided

    Responsibilities During the Event

    Supervise judging panel and provide leadership

    Act as spokesperson for the judging panel

    Supervise the accuracy and consistency of the judging panel, which includes

    - Review of Judges' scores and rankings based on computer program analysis, in order to ensure fairness and consistency in the judging process

    - Consultation with judges, where necessary, in the case of irregular scores, before the results are finalized

    Ensure that an individual or circumstance does not interfere with the credible process of the judging procedures

    Supervise and review the tabulation of scores

    Control the stop and recommencement a round of competition if an accident or mishap occurs

    Determination of false starts

    Report to Event Organizer if irregular delays in the judging process occur

    Conduct Judges De-briefings as required

    Responsibilities following the Event

    Approve and sign the results prior to their announcement

    Provide reports to FISAF where required, concerning the judging panel and/or the competition

    Ensure that signed copies of the score are provided as follows:

    - 1 copy posted for public scrutiny after every round
    - 1 copy to FISAF International Secretary General
    - 1 copy Event Organizer

    Conduct Judges Debriefing

    Act as spokesperson for judging panel

    In order to fulfill their responsibilities, the Head Judge will perform the following task:


    ? Venue

    ? Equipment (e.g. video player, monitor, tables, writing materials, etc)

    ? Time

    ? Length. The initial Judges Briefing must be at least 3 hours.

    Inform Event Organizer regarding other judges meeting requirements

    Understand specific event requirements, including media, judges appearance, rigid time constraint, when/where judges are to report

    Ensure Judging Panel is provided with the following:

    ? Written schedule for the event

    ? Competitors List in Competition order (draw)

    ? Adequate stationery for each round of event including the Official Warm Up

    ? Obligatory movements of each competitor

    ? Stop watch


    ? Judges can be seated in positions which give clear vision of the competitor and have ample table space

    ? Tabulator is placed in a position which will ensure the efficient processing of scores

    ? That the judges area has a least 1 meter of clear space between the judging panel and the audience to prevent interference with the judging panel

    ? Judges Stationery is correctly prepared for the event

    ? Judges understand the attendance requirements at meetings and venue

    Ensure volunteers associated with Judging Panel, fully understand their duties

    During Competition

    Review of Judges' scores and rankings for consistency

    Review tabulation reports for accuracy

    Post Competition

    Sign results and distribute copies as required

    Provide feedback to judges

  • Confirmation / Agreement


    I have read the FISAF International / Hip Hop Unite Judges Position and Codes of Ethics and agree to fulfill the requirements as stated. I understand that any violation of the Code or Judging Position will subject me to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include demotion or discharge from the Panel and/or Competition.

    I hereby agree that I will comply with this Code of Ethics and Judging Position for the duration of the competitions I am assigned to for 2014 and will fulfil the requirements of both documents.

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